Digestion Issues?
Poor Metabolism?
No Energy / No Motivation?
Insomnia? Stressed?


Dip. Health Science Nutrition; Adv. Dip. (Naturopathy), Member Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Assoc. Inc.

Good Health Starts With You

For 25 years prior to getting my Naturopathy degree, I worked as a Senior Manager in a very large corporation. In spite of a successful business career, a loving wife and 4 beautiful children, turning 40 left me feeling more lethargic, stressed and unenthusiastic than ever before. Then a life changing event happened. A Naturopath treated my then 5 year old daughter, achieving amazing and life changing results. This made me realise that I too needed to change my diet, lifestyle and take ownership of my health to better my future. This led me to commence as a full time student of Naturopathy, followed by starting my own clinic, which has seen me develop a wonderful career of helping people change their lives for the better.

 Treating The Underlying Cause

Whereas traditional medicine often focuses on the symptoms of the illness, a core value in my treatment plan is to focus on and treat the underlying cause.            I practice evidence based Naturopathy, with my goal of helping you to achieve great health. I commit to providing you with the very best in natural health care. I rely on the latest pathology testing such as Food intolerance tests, Gene testing, organ function tests, hair mineral analysis, and sometimes even stool, urine or saliva testing to ascertain the underlying issues. I have found that from a single underlying issue many symptoms can develop, which are often treated with harsh drugs separately, often contributing further to poor overall health. My treatment plans are both safe and very effective.

Good Health is much more than merely absence of disease

Increasingly more and more, people are coming to the realisation that taking pharmaceutical drugs to suppress symptoms, is not a smart way of achieving good health. Our dietary and lifestyle choices mean so much more than our ability to look good, but also to feel great. I offer individual diet and lifestyle programs enabling sustained weight loss, improved vitality and overall wellness.
“Good health is the optimum balance of physical, mental and emotional factors that allow a person to live a rewarding life and feel invigorated, vital and with optimum energy and zest. It is not merely the absence of symptoms of a disease”.